RNDr. Tomáš Slanina, Ph.D.

Neuron Award 2023 for Promising Scientists in chemistry

RNDr. Tomáš Slanina, Ph.D.

Neuron Award 2023 for Promising Scientists in chemistry. Awarded for research results in the field of chemical processes controlled by light.

Tomas Slanina ranks among the most prominent representatives of the emerging generation of chemists. It solves in an original way how to produce, store, and release solar electrical energy. For example, it focuses on the development of molecular solar batteries. He works at the ÚOCHB AS CR as head of the junior research group and teaches at Charles University. So far, he has published over forty scientific works in top international journals in photochemistry and physical and organic chemistry. He received the prestigious ERC Starting Grant in 2022 for his research project SOLBATT, which is focused on studying electron energy storage in chemical bonds and developing molecular solar batteries.

How to use light in chemistry? How to produce and release solar energy? Tomáš Slanina, laureate of the 2023 Neuron Award for promising scientists in the field of chemistry, is looking for answers.

I am pleased about the Neuron Award and appreciate it very much. I want to thank everyone who showed me how beautiful chemistry is as a science and everyone who taught me how to do this beautiful science. I thank the Neuron Foundation for supporting and popularizing science in the Czech Republic. It is a worthy activity that moves our society forward.