By introducing the beauty of science to the little ones, we inspire promising students to pursue scientific careers. In collaboration with universities and world- class scientific institutions, we match students with top scientists and offer them internships abroad. We support organisations that assist students in pursuing their first scientific endeavours.


Neuron & IOCB Tech Internship

Neuron & IOCB Tech Internships is a program of study internships where undergraduate students learn about science in Israel with a focus on application, commercialization and transfer, which they can then use in science. Current fellowship is open for new applications, this year for Israeli students in the Czech Republice. Apply till 10th April 2024.


Fyziklání is a team physics competition for high school students interested in physics and solving interesting problems. Teams of up to five people can be made up of students from up to two schools. Their task is to solve as many of the prepared problems as possible within a time limit of three hours. Fyziklání is organized by students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University

Junior scientific conference of the Faculty of Science, Charles University

Every year, the event organized by the Faculty of Science of Charles University invites talented students to compete in science topics and lectures. The Junior Scientific Conference is one of the flagship projects of the Neuron Junior programme. We believe that the inspiration of budding scientists benefits the whole society. We want to show the upcoming generation the beauty and meaning of science in practice. 

Individual support for student internships

We supported Matyáš Boháček, a student of the Jan Kepler Gymnasium, on his summer internship in the USA. At the Artificial Intelligence Research at the University of California, Berkeley, he worked with Prof. Hana Farid on deep fakes video detection and analysis of generative models. During his stay he wrote an article for the prestigious PNAS magazine Protecting world leaders against deep fakes using facial, gestural, and vocal mannerisms.

Scientific dreams come true

Neuron has made four children's dreams come true in the past. One young astrophysics enthusiast, for example, fulfilled his dream by visiting CERN, one young scientist experienced an internship at a top scientific institute of the Institute of Astrophysics and another astronomy enthusiast visited the planetarium in Hamburg. But all of them had an experience that took them much further in their budding scientific careers.