Our grant programme assists scientists in their field research activities to leave an international legacy. We have discovered the mythical Imperial snipe bird, located the forgotten Congo crocodile, and measured the length of the world‘s deepest abyss. We explore the world in all its diversity on Neuron Expeditions.



2023 - Neuron Expedition To the Lost Mayan City - Guatemala - expediton leader: field scientist Ladislav Šilhán 

2022 - Neuron Expedition to the Asexual Basilisk - Honduras - expedition leader: biologist and zoologist Lukáš Kratochvíl

2022 - Neuron Expedition to the longevity of the smallhead shark - Iceland - expedition leader: biologist Václav Brázda

2019-2022 - Neuron Expedition Dzamba Ya Lobi - Congo - expedition leader: zoologist Arthur Sniegon and zoologist Tomáš Jůnek

2018-2022 - Neuron Expedition to tropical glaciers - Svalbard + Uganda - expedition leader: polar biologist Marie Šabacká

2017 - Neuron Expedition to the Royal Plover - Peru - expedition leader: ornithologist Vojtěch Kubelka

2017 - Neuron Expedition to the lost uakari monkey - Venezuela - expedition leader: biologist Jan Dungel

2017 - Neuron Expedition A dream that never came true - Peru - expedition leader: social anthropologist Radan Haluzík

2016 - Neuron Expedition to the Congo crocodile - Congo - expedition leader: herpetologist Václav Gvoždík

2016 - Neuron Expedition Using ayahuasca - Peru - expedition leader: psychiatrist Tomáš Páleníček

2015 - Expedition Neuron Exploration of the border gap - Czech Republic - expedition leader: hydrogeologist Helena Vysoká

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