History and documents

The Neuron Endowment Fund for Science was established in 2010. Our main mission is to increase the prestige of scientists from the Czech Republic and, through their stories, to promote national self-confidence in our society.

The historical founder of the fund is Karel Janeček, a mathematician, a businessman and a patron. NF Neuron was originally created as "Karel Janeček NF in support of science and research". Together with Josef Veselka and Monika Vondráková, who has been managing the fund from the beginning, they tried to compensate for the decrease in public funding for science and research in 2009. The motivation was to help young scientists create the background to be motivated to return with research from abroad back to the Czech Republic. The aim was also to reward experienced scientists who inspire us all and present them to the public.

The fund began with the support of scientists in three fields: mathematics, medicine and economics. Over time, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science have been added. For each award-winning field, a scientific council composed of top scientists from the Czech Republic was established to guarantee the highest expertise of the laureates. The first awards and awards of projects took place in 2010.

By the end of 2017, the Neuron Endowment Fund awarded these awards and supported the following projects:
Neuron Impuls grants for young promising scientists under 40 years
The Neuron Award for Contribution to World Science
Best Science Video Award at the Neuron Prima ZOOM Prize
Children's dream - internships of small scientists abroad
Neuron Expedition

In 2018, the Fund entered the next phase of its existence.
After analyzing and revising the existing method of supporting scientists, it emerged that excellent scientists no longer have a problem getting a grant to finance their research projects, but that they lack the funds for personal use. That is why we prepared a new concept (below) and at the same time the founding of the fund was handed over to the new Neuron Founders: Eduard Kučera, Martin Wichterle, Táňa le Moigne, Monika Vondráková and Pavel Kysilka. This led to an overall opening of the Fund, including abroad: thanks to the formation of the Fund's International Scientific Council.

Since 2018, the Fund's strategy has been based on the following three priorities:
1/ We award the prestigious Neuron Scientific Awards to the best scientists - the awards are associated with generous financial rewards for personal use. This is possible because we are developing a unique concept of so-called modern patronage. New laureates are also co-selected by the International Scientific Council.

2/ We popularize science and acquaint the Czech public with inspirational stories of top personalities of Czech science. We believe that by this we support the national self-confidence of our society and increase the prestige of scientists in our country. With the Neuron Expedition project, we allow researchers to explore beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and broaden the horizons of our public.

3/ We connect the worlds of science and business. We create space and environment for discussions of outstanding scientists and respected entrepreneurs, which are the breeding ground for innovative projects.

During our existence we have awarded dozens of scientists and Expeditions worth a total of 60 million Czech crownsMrs. 

Mrs. Monika Vondrakova
Chair of the Neuron EF management board

Statute and annual reports

The Neuron Science Foundation was established in 2013 by merging with the Karel Janeček Foundation for Science and Research Foundation, established in 2010. All important documents and annual reports can be found below:

Documents about the Neuron Endowment Fund to support science:

Zakládací listina Nadačního fondu Neuron na podporu vědy

Výpis z rejstříku pro Nadační fond Neuron na podporu vědy

Statut Nadačního fondu Neuron na podporu vědy

Etický kodex Nadačního fondu Neuron na podporu vědy

Neuron Endowment Fund Annual Reports:

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Documents on the Karel Janeček Foundation for the Support of Science and Research (NFKJ):

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