Doc. Sylvie Graf, Ph.D.

Neuron Prize 2023 for Promising Scientists

Doc. Sylvie Graf, Ph.D.

Neuron Award 2023 for Promising Scientists in social sciences. Awarded for the study of social interactions.

International psychologist Sylvie Graf studies interactions and relationships between people from different social groups. She deals with the psychology of intergroup relations, researching the possibilities of influencing prejudice and discrimination through mutual contact between people from hostile groups. Her work aims to help reduce tensions between these groups and to seek understanding in societies that go through conflict. She founded and leads the Brno Laboratory of Intergroup Processes within the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. She is also a senior researcher at the Institute of Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology at the University of Bern.

Can hostile groups of people find common ground? And how to reduce tension between them? Sylvie Graf, the laureate of the 2023 Neuron Prize for promising scientists in the field of social science, is looking for answers.

I want to thank the Neuron Foundation for such a prestigious award, which I greatly appreciate and represents a commitment to excellence in my future work.
Sylvie Graf