Martina a Tomáš Krskovi

"The development of science is crucial for the long-term positive development of society as a whole."

Founders of the Martina and Tomáš Krsková Foundation

The Martina and Tomáš Krsková Foundation was established to provide scholarships to gifted Czech students for study at the world's best universities. Gradually, however, it extended its assistance to people on the other side of society and focused its support on social projects. We support several charity projects for the socially weakest group of people.

In 2016, the Martina and Tomáš Krsková Foundation launched the “I do it for myself” project, which supports both gifted pupils from socially disadvantaged families to study at secondary schools and universities, but also supports average and below-average pupils to they continued in apprenticeships and reached higher education than primary education.