Radana a Jiří Waldovi

"An independent culture is essential for the development of a free society, which must be supported by grants, subsidies and sponsors."

 Radana a Jiří Waldovi

Founders of several trading companies

Radana Waldová and Jiří Wald are founders of several business companies. The first one was registered in 1990 and laid foundations for an important pharmaceutical company MUCOS Pharma CZ that is still successful in Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Wald made history of the contemporary Czech philanthropy with their extensive support of a number of charitable social and healthcare projects. For these long-term activities they were awarded many times at home and abroad.

Their publishing activities are connected especially with the work of John Amos Comenius. His encouraging homage for philanthropes became their own life credo.

"Whomever you can do good, do it gladly, and possibly, do it to the whole world. It was said long time ago that to serve and to do good is quality of noble minds."

Among the best known philanthropy projects of Mr. and Mrs. Wald is the health prevention project “Manager of our own health” (1998-2001), project helping abandoned children “Art for freedom” (since 2000) and international exhibition project Orbis Pictus PLAY (since 2005) dedicated to development of creativity and innovation through interactive arts.

Orbis Pictus PLAY had a large media coverage including CNN and The New York Times.