Patrons, Neuron Founders

Martin Wichterle

"There were scientists and personalities in my family who contributed to world science. My contribution to science was solved by a lucky coincidence."

 Martin Wichterle

Owner of Wikov Industry holding

Martin Wichterle, owner of the Wikov Industry holding, is very close to science - he is the grandson of the famous Czech scientist Otto Wichterle, the inventor of contact gel lenses and silicone. Through the Neuron Endowment Fund, very young scientists support their research.

Martin Wichterle is the owner of the engineering group Wikov Industry, a traditional manufacturer of gears and industrial gearboxes. In 2014 he became a co-owner of one of the youngest producers of design crystal Bomma, and last year the traditional Czech glassworks Ruckl in Nižbor.

He lives in Prague, is married, has three daughters and a Hungarian pointer Ark.

The neural network was expanded by Martin Wichterle in January 2017, where he became a patron of the Neuron Impuls activity. Thanks to it, we can support very young scientists under 33 in their research in the field of chemistry.