Hana Dvořáková

"We are delighted to support young scientists on their research journey. This is very important for the development of society."

 Hana Dvořáková

Hana and Dalimil Dvořák founders of the Experientia Foundation

Mr and Mrs Hana and Dalimil Dvořák, who were responsible for the foundation of the Experientia Foundation, were still acquainted with studies, symbolically in the chemical laboratory. While Hana Dvořáková subsequently cooperated with Professor Antonín Holý on the development of antiviral substances, Dalimil Dvořák became a professor at the ICT.

The Experientia Foundation, which supports young scientists in the field of organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, was jointly established in 2013. To date, they have supported 10 young scholarships at internships abroad. Now they are launching another project of starting grants, which they want to motivate young scientists to establish their own research group in the Czech Republic. Of course, they donate their own funds from the license fees for antiviral substances developed at the IOCB back to science, explaining that the money comes from there.

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