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Barbara Paldus

"Inventions are meant to serve people. If they stay in a book, they don't help anyone."

 Barbara Paldus

Science Transfer Ambassador, owner of Codex Beauty

The Neuron foundation fund for the support of science starts a collaboration with Barbara Paldus. A scientist and entrepreneur with Czech roots and international experience will be an ambassador for scientific transfer. The transfer of science to business is one of the key topics for Neuron and Barbara Paldus will share her experience with scientists, transferers, businessmen and investors. She will also become a mentor to the Neuron Prize laureates for extraordinary connections between science and business. Barbara Paldus also became a patron of the fund in 2022.

A visionary, scientist, entrepreneur and CEO, Barbara Paldus studied at Stanford University, graduating with a PhD in electrical engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience developing local and international markets in the fields of bioprocessing, personalized medicine, cell therapy, biotech cosmetic products and analytical technology tools. In the past, she founded and headed the companies Picarro and Finesse Solutions, and currently focuses on her company Codex Labs and the venture capital fund Sekhmet Ventures. It has received 41 patents so far.

Barbara Paldus is the daughter of Professor Josef Paldus, recipient of the Neuron Award for contribution to world science in the field of chemistry. We will start cooperation with the Neuron Foundation at a closed meeting of the Neuron Club in March, when they will present their story and achievements of scientific transfer in the United States and the Czech Republic.

Barbara Paldus in the media: