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Specialist in virology

TOMÁŠ CIHLÁŘ | Learn more about the biochemist known for his role in the development of remdesivir Tomáš Cihlář, recent laureate of the 2020 Neuron Prize for Important Scientific Discovery in the field of medicine. He received the prize for lifelong research into the antiviral nucleotide analogs. He is leading a team  of scientists in Gilead working on new substances for the treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis B and other viral diseases.

Father of Epidemiology

KAREL RAŠKA  | Learn more about the epidemiologist Karel Raška, laureate of the 2020 Neuron Prize in memoriam for Lifelong Contribution to Science in the field of medicine. He received the prize for his work and dedication to Czech epidemiology. He was a Director of the WHO Division of Communicable Disease Control. His concept of eliminating the disease was adopted by the WHO and eventually led to the eradication of smallpox in 1977.

2020 Neuron Prizes 

We are living in the time of scientists. And scientists are the right persons to be heard of right now. Neuron Prizes 2020 were special and the ceremony was fully affected by COVIDpandemic situation. In cooperation with the Czech public television - ČT2 we awarded 2 excellent Czech scientists.Tomáš Cihlář for his innovative drug Remdesivir and Karel Raška, in memoriam for his lifelong success in fighting viruses.  


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