We helped thirteen Ukrainian women scientists

The grant of the Neuron Endowment Fund, IOCB Tech and i & i Prague reacted quickly to the humanitarian crisis during the occupation of Ukraine and paid a total of CZK 2,600,000 to help Ukrainian scientists. The amount was intended for costs associated with the creation of facilities in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the solidarity of Czech scientists, we also helped some of the Ukrainian scientists find employment.

"We must help Ukraine protect the young scientific generation, and we see their temporary work in our country as the best solution, which will be associated with the continued development of expertise within Czech research organizations," says Monika Vondráková, Chairwoman of NF Neuron. "Other grants or budgets of institutions can provide funding for studies or scientific work, but they cannot provide researchers with money for daily life and operation in a new country. And we at the Neuron Endowment Fund, thanks to private money, can do it," she explains.

Martin Fusek, Director of IOCB Tech, adds: “After seeing the brutality with which the Russian President is trampling on all the values ​​of the civilized world, I, like everyone else, felt that we had to do something. I am very glad that the Neuron Endowment Fund is here and that Monika Vondráková and I were able to come up with this help for young Ukrainian scientists within 24 hours. "

Thirteen Ukrainian women scientists have found a job in Czech scientific institutions and we offer their stories here (in Czech only): https://www.nadaceneuron.cz/novinky/pomohli-jsme-trinacti-ukrajinskym-vedkynim