Remembering Josef Paldus

The first news of the day was very sad for me personally. I received an email from Barbara Paldus that her daddy had just died. A brilliant world chemist, a Neuron Prize winner, a wonderful man with perseverance, diligence and love for our country - Prof. Josef Paldus. And also a "refined scholar", as Prof. Zahradník called him.  

During the communist regime, Josef Paldus travelled to Canada, where, surrounded by Nobelists, he continued his career and together with his wife brought up a successful world scientist, Barbara Paldus. I won't forget his phone call last year when he told me that he was thrilled with how Neuron was developing and that he proudly watched the annual Neuron Awards even at that distance. Not only that, he also enthused his grandson about his love for Neuron and the Czech Republic. This year, he personally presented the prestigious Neuron Award for Transfer together with his mother Barbara. 

It was a GREAT honour to meet you in person, Professor, and it is with respect that we will continue to raise the prestige of scientists in our country. I am grateful to have you as part of our Neuron family. 

RIP. Monika Vondráková

Prague, 16 January 2023