President Petr Pavel as a guest of Neuron Club

The exclusive meeting of scientists and businessmen on the topic "The Social Contract and the Role of Science" was attended by President Petr Pavel at the Vista Resort in Prague. Together with Egyptologist Miroslav Bárta, constitutional lawyer Jan Kyselá, historian Jakub Rákosník and other guests, he addressed the current shape of Czech society and the role of science that can move it forward.

President Pavel sees the Social Contract as the trust of citizens that the state functions and the awareness that they have a certainty stemming from the Social Contract. "Unfortunately, since 1989, we have not been raising society to uphold the values that keep the Social Contract alive, as if success itself became the fundamental criterion, regardless of how it is achieved," the president added. "But people want the Social Contract, and they expect politicians to play by the rules and lead the country out of mediocrity."

However, a common goal and vision that the Czech Republic pursues are important for this. "We need to celebrate the successes we have, but we talk very little about them. We need to encourage, as if we won an Olympic Games, we need a 'little Nagano.' That will be achieved by elites who should be a source of inspiration and admiration rather than envy and disdain," said Petr Pavel. He added that he wants to change the atmosphere in society and create space for young people, whose ideas he wants to promote in his role. "Let's say there is no reason to doubt ourselves. We have plenty of excellent people in science, business, and crafts, and there is no reason why we should be such a pessimistic or defeatist nation," emphasized the president.