Neuron Scholars Visit Bar-Ilan University

Eleven scholars from Czech universities have embarked on a journey to Israel, where they are engaged in the study of the transfer of scientific knowledge into practice. This trip is part of the Neuron & IOCB Tech Internships grant program, which focuses on the application, commercialization, and transfer of scientific understanding. A joint visit to Bar-Ilan University was one of the highlights of students journey.

The students began their visit to Bar-Ilan University with a tour of the energy and sustainability laboratory. They were guided by Dr. Roman Kapaev, the head of research in the field of sustainable energy, who introduced them to projects focused on ecological technologies and energy efficiency. Further destinations included the EnICS laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering with Dr. Alon-Yehezkel, as well as biomedical and molecular neuroscience laboratories. The scholars were also introduced to various study programs that Bar-Ilan University offers to students from around the world, ranging from bachelor's and master's degrees to doctoral studies.

“The upcoming scientific generation represents potential for the entire Czech society, and its support is key for us. We believe that students from various scientific disciplines will gain a new perspective on the usefulness of science for the real needs of society,” says Monika Vondráková, Chairwoman of the Board of Neuron.

We thank Bar-Ilan University for welcoming our students. We are pleased that through this project, Neuron can foster relationships between the Czech and Israeli scientific community and enrich Czech science with valuable experiences and inspiration from Israel.