Czech science is top-notch, but education is mediocre, says Neuron Online Club

Excellent scientists and educators, personalities who have experience abroad and in business. Guests of the May Neuron Online Club discussed the state of higher education, compared it with world universities and presented concrete examples of Czech science speaking out in the international arena. Watch the recording of the discussion.

The discussion, led by Jan Konvalinka and Monika Vondráková, was attended by

Michal Pěchouček (Gen Digital, professor in the field of artificial intelligence)
Martin Fusek (IOCB Tech, expert in scientific transfer)
Jakub Abramson (Weizmann Institute of Science, scientist with experience from the Czech Republic and Israel) 
Miloslav Polášek (IOCB, scientist whose research has strong business potential)
Kateřina Veselá (student at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Neuron & IOCB Tech Internships in Israel)